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What is Identity Theft?

Identity Theft occurs when someone uses any part of another person’s identity (personally identifiable information-PII) for the purposes of financial or personal gain, to avoid a criminal or driving history, for employment or for any other reason. There are many forms of Identity Theft such as: Financial, Medical, Use of ID for Criminal Purposes, Employment,Tax Related, Business ID Theft, or as part of a Domestic Violence or Elder Abuse.

What is Fraud?

Fraud is the practice of deception intended to result in personal or financial gain, and is often referred to as a scam or swindle. This would include common scams such as: Government Impostors calling, Romance Scams, “Grandparent” Scams, Work-at-home Scams, Online Scams, Phishing Scams and Robo-Calls.

First Steps for Victims

  1. Stop all contact with the criminals

  2. If you have wired money to a scammer, please contact us immediately at  An agent will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

  3. If you have given your bank account or other financial information to the criminals, contact your financial institution immediately to protect your accounts.

  4. Contact your local law enforcement agency (police or Sheriff) and file a report

  5. Contact the Victim Advocates at the Colorado Bureau of Investigation for additional support and guidance

Some Options you might consider:

  • For Internet related crimes, report to the Internet Crimes Complaint Center

  • If you are a victim of financial ID theft, obtain a copy of your credit report from Annual Credit Report

  • Consider a credit freeze or fraud alert (for more information check out our Prevention Tips)

Criminal ID Theft

This is a form of Identity Theft where an ID thief uses your personal information when arrested or given a traffic ticket. That crime now shows up on your criminal or driving history. If the criminal does not show up for court, you may have a Failure to Appear Warrant issued in your name.

This form of ID theft needs to be addressed immediately!

Victims could experience arrests, suspension of drivers license, denial of employment or entry into the military and more.

CBI’s Victim Advocates will assist victims in obtaining records and following the procedures necessary to clear the victim’s name. This could include obtaining court orders, sealing or expunging records, clearance letters and reinstatement of driving privileges.


Some Tricks scammers use

Scammers will try ANYTHING to get your money or information.

Current Scams

The scams change regularly. If you are informed you can STOP the scam.

For Business Owners

Your business identity could be stolen by ID thieves. 

Prevention Tips

By following a few simple tips you can reduce your risks of being a victim. 

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