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If you have lost a loved one to a homicide or if you have a loved one who is missing, you are considered a Co-victim of that crime.

Our Victim Advocates are here to offer you support, assistance, compassion and understanding.  

Please contact us:


303-239-4312 Spanish

Always Remembered

What Can We Do To Help

  • Contact the law enforcement agency investigating your case for updates

  • Act as your liaison with your investigator or others involved in your loved one’s case

  • Provide services in the language that you speak

  • Offer you help in finding the resources you need

  • Assist you with getting DNA samples, photos and medical records to NamUs (for Missing Persons)

  • Most importantly, we can offer you emotional support, compassion and a caring advocate


Yellow Ribbon.png
Yellow ribbons remind us of loved ones who are missing. 
Black and red ribbons help us honor those loved ones that have been murdered.
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