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Prevention tips

  • Do not carry your or your children’s’ social security card or birth certificate or passport with you

  • Do not share personal information or financial information with someone you do not know

  • Do not click on links in emails, text messages or online ads

  • Keep your Smartphone and computer security up to date

  • Don’t use Public Wi-Fi

  • Check your credit report annually to check for fraudulent activity

  • Monitor your financial accounts closely

  • Consider a Fraud Alert or Credit Freeze. For more information about these, ask a CBI Victim Advocate or check out the information at this secure website:

  • If you are not sure if something is a scam or legitimate, call us first! Call our Victim Advocates at 303-239-4242 or our 24 Hour ID Theft & Fraud Hotline at 1-855-443-3489

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